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  • They create a screen with two LCD panels and the result is BRUTAL!
They create a screen with two LCD panels and the result is BRUTAL!

They create a screen with two LCD panels and the result is BRUTAL!

Who would have thought that the answer to the LCD panel downside was to be present in an answer so simple as gluing two panels on high of one another? Effectively, this experiment, which at first could seem counterintuitive, leads to a display that’s much less spectacular. The issue? It’s not on the market and if you’d like one you’ll have to construct it your self.

A monitor with two LCD panels?

The thought shouldn’t be ours, however comes from the YouTube person DIY Perks which has taken two standard LCD screens and stripped them aside to create a monster with two LCD panels. You possibly can see the method and the reason within the language of Albion within the video beneath these traces and it should be mentioned that it’s an train that’s much less attention-grabbing from a technical viewpoint.

Clearly, they’ve needed to disassemble all of the parts and create a brand new construction that has resulted in a monitor that’s not precisely positive, largely because of the want to put in followers to maintain the whole experiment cool. As well as, it has been vital to make use of an HDMI Splitter to duplicate the sign in order that each panels obtain the identical data from the graphics card.

Probably the most attention-grabbing factor concerning the video, from our viewpoint, is to see how two LCD panels block one another because of the polarization of sunshine. The answer? Easy, using depolarization movies between each panels, however since they’re tough to seek out within the undertaking, they’ve chosen to make use of tracing paper to polarize the sunshine. This in flip has brought about a discount of the backlight and has compelled using a brand new backlight for the experiment.

Okay, however what does it appear like?

We should begin from the truth that the best experiment can be for one of many panels to transmit the luminance of every pixel in grayscale and the opposite the chrominance. Nevertheless, on this case we’re speaking about each panels actually displaying the identical data and each influencing one another. Nevertheless, the picture high quality achieved is way greater than a standard LCD. Not solely due to the picture distinction that’s gained with the double monitor, however the colours find yourself being far more vibrant, which is a bonus that OLEDs normally have, but when we consider the fee and dimension of acquiring the identical outcome with liquid crystal show,

With every little thing that may be seen within the experiment, it’s comprehensible why the trade has not opted for this answer, and we can not neglect necessary factors similar to vitality consumption and warmth generated. Additionally, that although the result’s higher with two LCD panels than with one, it doesn’t attain the extent of an OLED monitor and excessive calibration is required between the 2 panels in order that the colour illustration is satisfactory.

The opposite downside is that the picture buffer doesn’t normally separate chrominance and luminance into two differentiated values. As a substitute, a generalized worth is given for every pixel. In any case, a single display is used and never one on high of the opposite, if this have been completed then the results of utilizing a configuration of this kind can be a lot better than utilizing an OLED panel.

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